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  • Concept [Art] for a new OC of mine — Ezekiel, or “Zeke”

    I thought him up while listening to this song on repeat all day for some reason..

    He’s like your typical grumpy, attractive guy. Except.. he likes to kill people that he gets too close to. And he’s very careful about it.

    He leads someone on to their death and they have no idea. It’s kind of a game for him, like maybe he kills them when he feels like he’s “won” their heart completely. If you know of the anime The World God Only Knows, where the main protag has to make girls fall in love with him so when he kisses them it will release the loose soul trapped inside their body. I guess you could say he’s partly inspired by that concept, except instead of pursuing someone for the ‘end game kiss’ it’s more of an ‘end game kill’… and for no real motive.

    I’d like to expand on his story, it could be a lot of fun +u+ but yeah idk these are just ideas.. i haven’t made an OC in ages i thought it was time to try again… ;w;

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