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  • CC-Stuck doodles~ Lol I’m addicted.

    I wanna do Rose and Jade versions of the pictures I did of Dave, John and Karkat, but for now I just doodled ideas of them. Rose is Fire and Jade is Poison because of colors.. And Jade has the streak weapon YES. Man I started making up Animal Orbs for characters AND I WISH I DID THAT FROM THE START but that’s okay. XD So some are canon and some aren’t, ah well.

    Anyway I’m not sure Karkat knows how to give someone CPR… but he tries. Lmao I could just see the reviving thing being really hilarious between everyone. WHICH IS STILL A THING IN HS, it just happens more often when they die in Castle Crashers.. skjdhsfds I’m always making out with people in that game LOL. Also, obviously Gamzee is the final princess (if you’ve beat the game, you’ll understand XD), then Sollux is the Beekeeper, and of course Dave and Karkat would have the toughest battle for Princess Terezi. And then whoever lives fights John. And John would probably win…

    EDIT: took me a while but then i realized why the 4th doodle looked so familiar to me, I remembered I had drawn something similar to it beforeWay to go, me.

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